About The Farm

The Taylor family have farmed land in Bassingham for just over a century. Malc’s grandfather, George, moved to Bush Farm on Torgate Lane in 1920, before buying Standacre Farm in the late 1930’s. In 1946, Malc’s father, Harry, gained the tenancy of Navenby Lane Farm, which has been the family’s home ever since.

Malc became tenant of Navenby Lane Farm in 1997, and he and Mandy became owner occupiers in 2003. Milk production ceased in the same year after 5 decades. It was at this point that the family turned their focus to essential diversification in rearing and producing beef cattle. Lincolnshire Well Hung Beef was launched, producing beef from the heart of Lincolnshire which is hung for at least 21 days for that added tenderness and flavour.

Farming has embraced generations of technological change. From milking cows by hand; to machine based milking. From working the land with horse-drawn equipment; to the first tractor. Navenby Lane Farm is no exception to these changes, with the family fully focused on providing local produce and services for years to come.

Our History

Machine based milking begins

First tractor on the farm

New milking parlour installed

Became tenant of the farm

Started retailing Lincolnshire Well Hung Beef

Ceased milk production

Became owner occupiers

Local pork and lamb introduced to the product range

Award winning sausages at Newark Christmas Fatstock Show

Flowers by Mandy established

Expansion of weddings and events

Navenby Lane Farm website launched